ddd gallery 190th exhibition_GRAPHIC WEST 5

'InterView' ポスターデザイン

dddギャラリー第190回企画展 GRAPHIC WEST 5, 'type trip to Osaka' は、日本タイポグラフィ協会の広報誌『typographics ti:』のアジアの最先端グラフィックデザイン特集を立体的に再現・再構成した展覧会です。会期中開催された、アジア各都市を代表するグラフィックデザイ ナーをゲストに迎えたトークイベント、'InterView'の告知ポスターをデザインしました。

Poster Design for 'InterVew'

The graphic design exhibition, 'type trip to Osaka' was held at ddd gallery as the 190th of exhibition of them. It derived from the two years' serial featuring articles about the latest graphic design of Asia in 'typographics ti', the PR magazine of Japan Typography Association. 'Interview' was a weekly talk event, held in the exhibition 'type trip to Osaka', that talented designers representing each Asian city joined as main guest speakers. I designed a poster series for this talk event.

- Design